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How to Download 3gp Video MBC2

StartlimitedNovember 29, 2021

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About 3gp Video MBC2

MBC2 was launched on 12th January 2003, however, back then it was not purely a movie channel. It’s programming included: Local News in English, American Drama Series, Oprah and a music show presented by Razan Al-Mougrabi called Tops and Pops. But it was movies, which touched a nerve with our viewers, and hit rating highs, at a level that nobody could have predicted.

So it was in 2005 MBC2 transformed into the world’s first 24-hour free-to-air movie channel and shouted this message loudly from the rooftops with campaign messages such as non-stop movies, non-stop emotions, and the long running strap-line “Feel it”. Long Term movie deals with all the major Hollywood studios followed and Global hits such as Titanic and Gladiator proved equally successful with audiences across the Middle East and North Africa. Proof that no content crosses borders better than movies was underlined when MBC2 became the most viewed Pan Arab channel. The Channel offers Themed night on a daily base.

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Such as: The Early Movie — Airing every day; Monday Night Premieres; Comedy Night —Every Saturday; In addition to Horror themed nights, and a daily Entertainment show. MBC 2 is, also airing a new type of filler called “Me and the Cinema”. The segment showcase award-winning Arab Actors and Directors talking about Hollywood’s influence on them.
In 2011 MBC2 brought local production back to the channel by commissioning Scoop with Raya in which our globe-trotting presenter meets the stars. On April 1st, 2012 – MBC2 launched an all-new and extended version of “Scoop with Raya”, presented by Raya Abirached.
Raya enabled our viewers with access to all the top movie stars and kept them up-to-date with all the latest Hollywood news and gossip. Aligned with MBC2 positioning as the “THE FIRST AND #1 FREE-TO-AIR NON-STOP CHANNEL IN MIDDLE EAST & NORTH AFRICA”, this show extends Hollywood news from a truly Arabic perspective. The show becomes Hollywood’s preferred platform for delivering movie news to audiences around the Arab world. Raya, needless to mention, raises the bar with her own brand of glamour.

MBC2 has a lot of categories you could find such as; Channels, news, work at MBC group, Movies and lot more when you visit the site. Find easy programs that will give you joy;

  • MBC 1
  • MBC 2
  • MBC 3
  • MBC 4
  • MBC MASR 2
  • MBC FM
  • MoBC
  • Shahid
  • Shahid VIP


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